SEEAT Information

South East Essex Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with four schools.

SEEAT was inaugurated on 1st April 2014. This was made up from Westcliff High School for Girls, Prince Avenue Academy and Rochford Primary School and Nursery. The Trust enlarged on 1st September 2014 with WHSG sponsoring the academisation of Holt Farm Junior School.

As a Trust we aim to develop a vibrant partnership of primary and secondary schools, all united in one goal to provide the best possible learning experience and environment not only for our current children but also for the next generation of pupils.

We have a strong record of working collaboratively with schools across all phases and we have seen the benefits of this approach to all those involved.

We believe that more formal collaboration is a critical strategy to the future of education in the UK. This is particularly significant as we move more towards a school led system locally, regionally and nationally.

Message from the Chief Executive

I am delighted to welcome you to The South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT) website.

I am really proud to be Chief Executive of the Trust and to have to opportunity to work alongside other outstanding practitioners, across our schools, to deliver an exceptional learning experience, creating a culture that promotes excellence.

Education remains at the core of everything we do. We aim to offer an outstanding, 21st century, education to all the young people in our academy trust to ensure that all pupils and students have access to the highest standards of teaching, resources and opportunities.

In all our schools I enjoy seeing our dedicated, skilled staff shaping an individual ethos that values each individual but we also actively develop partnerships between the schools, encouraging staff to meet and to share best practice, to ensure that outcomes for all our pupils are improved.

I hope you enjoy reading about SEEAT and the vision for our schools.

Dr Paul Hayman

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Academy Conversion Letter

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