Meet The Team

Our dedicated professional teaching staff not only have responsibility for the classes they teach but also for specific subjects. This ensures working practices to meet the high level of results we strive to achieve are continually being assessed. This means our children are being taught in both a fun and educational learning environment and that standards of practice, not only in content but delivery, are consistent and to the very best across the board.

Our office administration and facilities team also play an integral role to the success of the school and are always on hand to hear your views and feedback.

Leadership Team

Mr Owen




Mrs Denney

Deputy Head



Miss Sayer

English/KS2 Lead


Mrs Bagnall

Early Years Lead


Teaching Staff   

Year 6 Blue Class  

Miss Sayer - Teacher

Mrs Glenister - Teaching Assistant  

Mr Cooper - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Green Class

Mrs Chapman - Teacher

Mrs Legon - Teaching Assistant              

Year 4 Purple Class    

Miss Chambers - Teacher

Mrs Mash - Teaching Assistant    

Year 3 Yellow Class

Mrs Wicks - Teacher

Mrs Robinson - Teaching Assistant            

Year 2 Orange Class

Miss Austin - Teacher

Mrs Hayes - Teaching Assistant          

Year 1 Red Class

Miss Fettroll - Teacher

Mrs Bell - Teacher

Miss Johnson - Teaching Assistant                                  

Year R Rainbow Class

Mrs Bagnall - Teacher                 

Mrs Boland - Teaching Assistant                         

Nursery Class

Miss Chittenden - Nursery Lead              

Miss Reely - Teaching Assistant                              

Other Staff        

Mrs Watkins - ICT Lead

Mr Turner - Site Manager                            

Office Staff

Mrs Anderson - Office Manager   

Mrs Reynolds - Admin Assistant

Mrs Ware - Finance Assistant   

Mrs Davy - Business Manager


Mrs Thornton - Inclusion Manager       

Mrs Butler - SEND Lead                              

Miss Styles - Pastoral Lead                                                 

Mrs Craddick

Mrs James           

Miss Chittenden                       

Mrs Legon

Mrs Bull

Mrs North

Miss Baverstock


Sports & Clubs

  Mr Swindell - Sports Apprentice  

 Mrs Sullens - Wakey Wakey             


Mrs Nurse - Catering Manager      

Miss Richards

Miss Hedley                                    

Midday Assistants