At Rochford Nursery and Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute highest standard of care for all our children. OfSTED (2017) said

“The ever-developing curriculum offers pupils many opportunities to take part in really exciting and often adventurous learning”.

“In the last year, you have invested in the development of the outdoor areas. This is particularly noticeable in early years where you and your staff have undertaken a project to broaden the opportunities children have to extend their learning outside of the classroom”.

“Teachers make learning ‘fun’ and interesting and explore all possible links with the school’s themed curriculum “.

Established since 1877, we are situated in a refurbished building of high quality surrounded by our own extensive, safe and secure grounds, in close proximity to an abundance of travel links (trains and buses). OfSTED commented of our wonderful learning environment that the “buildings and extremely well-planned outdoor environment provide a stimulating and attractive platform for learning.”

We provide a nursery class for 3 hours each day, combining the expertise of a qualified nursery leader with other high quality early years trained staff.

We realise the importance of positive role models, and continuously strive to develop professionally in order to help the children in our care attain their full potential.

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