Online Safety

Think You Know Website for Parents and Children

Including Hectors World (5-7yrs), and the Cyber Café (8-10yrs).

Play, Like Share site is easily accessed here

Please find below some CEOP leaflets relating to on line issues which may be of use to parents/carers.

Parents and Carers Check List

Parents cyberbullying factsheet

Parents grooming factsheet

Parents inappropriate websites

The BBC has launched Own It, a website for 9-12 year olds to help develop the confidence and resilience to tackle the everyday challenges they face online.

Jigsaw Video (Parents)

Pokemon Go: A parent's guide

Pokémon Go: NSPCC advice page

Minecraft: A parents guide to staying safe on minecraft

Parent Info is a collaboration between The Parent Zone and CEOP, a command of the National Crime Agency.


The parent zone help families deal with the many difficulties that are thrown up by the pace of technological change, providing them with the knowledge to make the most of the digital age, creatively and confidently