School Council

The School Council meet on Wednesdays to discuss changes they would like to make to the school.

Our School Councillors for this term are:

Chairperson: Ellis

Secretaries: Poppy & Honey

Treasurers: Mathew, Oliver, Ruby & Tyler

     Every other week the children put together their own minutes and these are displayed on our school council board.


25th March 2019

We discussed:

Since our last meeting eight ‘Playground Buddies’ have been trained by Miss Sayer and have starting supporting pupils at breaks. They can be identified by their red BUDDY badge.

Lunchtime Clubs – we discussed clubs that have been popular, whether we could have clubs outside in the summer term. Could we have new clubs? Where could they be held? Did adults need to support them?


Asked our classes for ideas for new Lunchtime Clubs

11th March 2019

We discussed:

The Buddy Bench – do all classes know about it?

Can we spruce it up, so it stands out?

Is it in the right place? Can we access it when we are only using the playground not the field?

Who will keep an eye on the bench – is it everyone or could we have a Buddy League?


Share and asked our classes for their ideas about the Buddy Bench.

Ask staff for their views accessing the Buddy Bench.

25th February 2019

We discussed:

We opened and reviewed the comic relief pack.

All agreed that the event should be supported, ideas included non-uniform and selling red noses.


Speak to the office to find out who orders the noses

4th February 2019

We discussed:

The results of the recent survey – Whole school results

Have you noticed any changes to the lunchtime routine?

Yes – 87 No - 45 Not sure – 24

Are the new changes better?

Yes – 99 No – 10 Not sure – 38


Share results

21st January 2019

We discussed:

How to find out what everyone thinks about the changes at lunchtime - survey

Year 6s have said that the tables are sometimes covered in food by the time they come into lunch

Healthy Schools visitors


Decide who will speak to the Healthy Schools visitors – lots of volunteers

Miss Styles to speak to the staff on duty in the hall

Survey to be typed and sent out to all classes

School Council Road Safety Video

Monday 15th October

We discussed:

Interviews for all posts with the school council took place today.

The vote for the Chairperson took place.

Successful candidates will be announced shortly.

Actions for next meeting:

Minutes to be shared with Mrs Watkins

Monday 1st October

Meeting on Monday 1st October 2018

Election Results!

Red Class - Henry and Honey

Orange Class - Macie and Mathew

Yellow Class - Tyler and Grace

Purple Class - Ruby and Oliver

Green Class - Rikhil and Poppy

Blue Class - Alfie and Ellis

Badges handed out

This year our school council will meet every fortnight on a Monday, they will chair their own meetings, take minutes and display them on the School Council board.

At our next meeting on Monday 15th October we will be reviewing the applications from our new councillors for the posts of chairperson, secretary, clerk and treasurers.


  1. Miss Styles to supply application forms for the posts ofchairperson, secretary, clerk and treasurersto all new councillors.
  2. Minutes to be emailed to Mrs Watkins for inclusion on the school website
  3. Minutes to be displayed on the SC board.