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Rochford Primary & Nursery School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)


Systematic Synthetic Phonics

The Phonics Shed programme provides a systematic way to teach reading through synthetic phonics. Children are taught to decode by breaking down words into sounds as a way to “synthesize” the whole word from letters and sounds. Children are taught, through techniques such as our ‘Say It, Stretch It, Sound It,’ to decode by breaking down words into sounds as a way to segment and blend (“synthesise“) the whole word with the learning reinforced by multi-sensory tasks and games.

Narrative Driven

Through an original series of storybooks set in the Phonics Shed garden, children are introduced to the 44+ phonemes of the English language and the 100 most commonly used words (High Frequency Words). Each storybook introduces a new character and its associated grapheme phoneme correspondence (GPC) allowing children to develop in their phonics attainment as they get to know the Phonics Shed characters and progress through the series. 

In addition to the narrative storybook series, each class has a set of decodable reading books which spans the programme’s range. In these stories, many familiar characters appear but the words are strictly limited to those that are either decodable by the current stage of learning or are explicitly teachable as partially-decodable common exception words. 

Multi-sensory teaching programme

Phonics Shed provides a multi-sensory systematic progression through synthetic phonics beginning with sound-making and early reading at pre-school, through the requirements of the Year 1 phonics screening check and onto the complementary Spelling Shed scheme.


The combination of a systematic approach with so many different "hooks" into learning means children's learning is accelerated.

Medium and Long Term Planning






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