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Rochford Primary & Nursery School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

School History 

In 1877 Rochford Primary & Nursery School was opened as Rochford County Board School for boys only by Master Henry Found. Girls were not able to join the school until 1885 and kept separate. Shortly afterwards an Infant School joined.

Up until 1927, the three schools ran independently however, during that year the Girls School and the Infant School combined. In 1937 the senior boys transferred to Rochford Senior School and the Junior Boys, Girls and Infants combined to form the Rochford Council Junior Mixed and Infants School.

In September 1995 the school gained Grant Maintained Status – and now, owing to a change in legislation, the school has Foundation Status. In September 1997 the school proudly opened a Nursery for three and four year olds and became Rochford Primary & Nursery School

In 2005 a major refurbishment was undertaken throughout the entire building and grounds, whereby all classes now have practical areas and toilets within them. We have also incorporated an ICT Suite, cookery room, hall, library, storage facilities, interview room, offices and additional classroom base.

Since then we have revamped our Nursery garden and ensured we have in house facilities for children with disabilities.

In our entrance lobby you will see the original 1877 foundation stone and bell.

Please see below some archive photos we have discovered, although in those days we don’t think saying ‘cheese’ to the camera was allowed!

Rochford Girls School c 1888


Rochford Infants School c 1895


School Staff c 1895

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