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Rochford Primary & Nursery School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Our Curriculum


At Rochford Primary & Nursery School our enhanced curriculum allows each year group to explore a variety of topics and concepts, building on their knowledge and skills as they progress through each of the milestones. Our principle aim to to make learning 'stick' ensuring children remember and can apply what they have learned in a range of contexts. 

We have identified environment and creativity as our two key drivers to guide our curriculum forward. These will underpin everything we do and will be a key focus for the opportunities and experiences we offer our pupils.


The curriculum has been designed by our staff, specifically for the pupils of RPS and encourages them all to become individual, resilient and intrepid curriculum explorers!. 


Key Vocabulary


 Breadth of Study

The topics our pupils will study. 


'POP' Tasks

Proof of Progress activities to support assessment. 


The goal pupils should reach to show they are meeting the expectations of the curriculum. 


 Milestone 1

Years 1 and 2

 Milestone 2

Years 3 and 4

 Milestone 3

Years 5 and 6


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