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Rochford Primary & Nursery School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

School Development

The school development plan (SDP) is based on underlying values and principles and is a means of moving closer towards the achievement of the school’s vision.

In particular, 5 principles underpinning the drive for whole school development have been identified:

1.  Ensure both teachers and learning support staff are effectively supporting the needs of pupils with special needs (SEND) through bespoke adaptations and quality first teaching. 

2. Diminish the difference between the progress made between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children.

3.  Effectively monitor attendance, persistent and unauthorised absences and lateness for all groups, in particular the most vulnerable. 

4.   Continue to embed our bespoke curriculum so that all pupils have the depth of learning they need to achieve well across all subjects.

5.   To ensure that the richness and diversity of teaching and learning in the Early Years setting is based on an accurate assessment of children's development, interests, and experiences to ensure there is greater clarity in the progression of key knowledge and skills. 

We are continually self-evaluating to ensure we are fully meeting the needs of our children. In doing so, we set ourselves priorities which we use to focus our school development.  


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